Grace Day Center

What We Are

The Grace Day Center is compelled and challenged to uplift those in need to a more productive position in the community through education and assistance. 

Services Offered

  • Phones, mailboxes and message services
  • Job ready wardrobes
  • Laundry and shower facilities
  • Coffee and light snacks

Additional Services

  • Job and Home Placement
  • Employment and Money Management training
  • Screening, aptitude and interest guiding
  • Skill building seminars
  • Budget assistance

The Day Center is committed to empowering clients to achieve higher goals.

Classes offered

Career Development

Offered by Appointment only.

A specialized four day workshop designed to help students discover their interests, skills and values for employment.  Participants learn the basics of applying for and maintaining employment.

After completion of the workshop, students meet with a caseworker to overcome any obstacles to employment, pursue any additional education requirements, and develop a job placement strategy.